Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bread and Butter

No big day trips for me lately…just a couple after work specials at the local haunts to keep me sane.   Paco and the Portal are my bread and butter.  They're both close to home and hold some great fish.


There were so many people on the river it became difficult to fish in comfort.  However, the water was clear and fish were biting.  They were even found in some of the most unlikely of places.

Rainbows showed up too.

East Portal

With the murky flows and pouring rain, I had the canyon mostly to myself.  I’m sorry some of the pictures aren’t wonderful.  I had to deal with rain and fading light.  Fishing turned on for bows after the sun went down.  Sadly not all fish were photographed.  The fish in Black Canyon have such amazing colors, and they live in such an amazing place.

This guy's mouth had evidence of being caught before.

Life is short, live it well


  1. I am officially jealous! Those are some beautiful trout. Of course I've heard of Paco and East Portal, but I've never had the pleasure of fishing them. Spectacular. Do it again.

  2. The beauty and the splendor of your area and the magnificent fish you catch is simply spectacular. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think the photos are great. It is far more difficult to capture fish in photos than most realize. Well done on the Black Canyon trip.

  4. Thank you gents. The Black Canyon truly is a slice of paradise.