Tuesday, August 20, 2013

odds and ends

This week was full of short stops at multiple venues.  I'll just let the pictures do the talking...they're worth a thousand words right?

Black Canyon

The water was dirty, but the lighting on the canyon walls was breathtaking.  A few fish came to hand, but I really had to work for them.

High Country

Took an exploratory side trip to kill a couple hours.  I found a nice little lake with some brookies in it.

The lake would have been a lot better if I had my float tube with me.  The stream ended up making my day though.

It was a tough little stream to fish though.  Really grown in.

Awesome to find a new cuttie hang out so close to home though.

Oh and there were a ton of these around too!! Yum

More High Country

Had to get back into the higher country to check some places out.

Found some brookies in an overflow pipe.  

Tight living quarters.

Beautiful area...

So that's my odds and ends post.  A montage of short mini-trips.  I really need a good solid day of fishing.  Hopefully that happens soon.

Until then,
Life is short, let's live it well.


  1. Really, really nice Jeremy. Those are some prize winning fish in my book. The first photo is unbelievable.

    1. Thanks Howard. The splendor of the Black Canyon is a prize in itself...fish are just frosting on the cake.

  2. Dude, Jeremy! Those are some nice trout and some beautiful areas! You make it look easy while making it sounds difficult!

    1. Thanks J, but seriously it ain't hard ;). So easy a caveman could do it haha

  3. Hard to believe some of those fish came from such tiny water. Good stuff and tight lines.

    1. Thanks! It's always a treat to find fish in the most unlikely of places.