Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Unc

Ice fishing is great and all, but I really have been missing the long rod.  I've been out river walking lately.  It has felt great to cast again.  

I even attempted to make a video of my month on the river.  Feel free to leave your input on the video.  It's a new media for me and there's a bit of a learning curve.

For those who like pictures I have plenty of those too.  All fish in the Pacochupuk region were caught with marabou, while in the Montrose city limits I branched out and used a gulp a couple times.

I had a whole herd of deer cross the river right in front of me.  They were very curious as to what I was doing.

Back in Montrose I found a fish with a big open sore behind its eye.

There was a fine piece of gravel in it.  I removed it with a hook point.  Anyone have any ideas of what  happened to the poor guy?

I hope everyone is making it through the doldrums of winter alright, but keep in mind the ice is fun and the rivers still run.

Life is short, live it well

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A taste of the ice so far

I've been terrible at updating the blog here lately.  I have been hitting the ice pretty hard this season and thought I'd share some pics.  I've visited the Grand Mesa quite a bit, been up to Blue Mesa a few times, hit Crawford once, and caught some fish in my home state of Utah.  Here is a cluster of pics from the past few weeks.

Keep checking in, I have a sweet river report coming soon :)

Keep in touch.  Life is short, live it well.