Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Small Packages

Good things can come in small packages.  I recently took a walk up a small stream.  There's something very therapeutic about fishing small water.   

There were some ugly finless hatchery pets.  However, the further I got into the canyon, the more wild fish I found. 

The scenery was really what stole the show.

 The pars on this guy were crazy dark.

My playground...

This doe became more and more comfortable with me.  She would stay just upstream from me for about an hour.  She actually let me get pretty close.

 Lots of beaver dam rainbows.

It was soothing to get out and walk this small creek.  Small trout bring revitalization and relaxation.

Life is it well.


  1. Jeremy, that is some seriously beautiful country that this small stream runs through. Those wild fish sure caught my eye. They are stunning in all their color.

    Were you using Marabou Jigs? Are you tying your own? What Jig hook size to you use?

    1. Thanks Mel. It's always good to hear from you. I did catch a few on marabou this trip, but the nymphs were getting far more attention. For these small streams I was using a size 6 jig hook...pretty small. I do tie some, but haven't had the time to really experiment like I'd like to.

  2. I love the small streams. They truly are therapeutic to look at and listen. The fish are just a bonus!

    1. I agree Juan. It beats paying for therapy any day.

  3. Love these small stream ventures, rivertop country, east or west. Thanks for sharing this one.