Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mesa Brook Trout

I had a hankering for the high country.  Naturally I succumb to the Grand Mesa yet again.  I took a good hike with my tube on my back and soon enough I arrived to a placid lake full of eager little fish.

Most fish were all about that same size.  I wanted a little more thickness to them, but they were fun nonetheless. 

I caught a bunch of fish and a couple that were a little larger than average.  However, a good majority of them were camera shy and liked to throw a fit right as the shutter was snapping....resulting in pictures like this.

I must be really bad at holding fish still.  It was a super enjoyable trip until I heard thunder in the distance.  I got to shore just as the rain arrived.

The storm came and it just got worse.  I found my way to shore and tried to find a place to hunker down to wait it out.  Lightning in the high country is a dangerous, but awesome thing.  Please be smart this time of year with the chance of afternoon thunderstorms being very high.

After an hour and a half of waiting, I finally felt comfortable with making the long hike back to my car.  I was drenched and done.

Life is short, be sure to live it well.


  1. Some very nice high country brook trout and environs (with good advice!).

  2. Some great looking brook trout, brother! I still have yet to catch one.

  3. Beautiful fish and an awesome post as always, thanks for sharing.

  4. Jeremy
    What I would give to fish a place like that--were you using the fly rod or was it all on spinning gear? Thanks for sharing

  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone! Bill I was using marabou jigs on a spinning rig.