Thursday, October 17, 2013

Da Burrrrry

Back to Strawberry, Yootah (UT) with my family for the weekend.  We always turn to Strawberry when the temps drop, and boy did they drop. BRRR!

It was a good choice on our part, the fishing was phenomenal.  Anytime you have a 30+ fish day on the berry it's a good day!  The temps were frigid, and the wind didn't help one bit...but it was worth it.  Totally worth it.

Trolling, jigs, spinners, and bait all produced.

 This guy was caught on a jig, but coughed up some minnow remains.

Now isn't this just kind of cute?  Mini-crawdad 

Life is short, live it well


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  2. Jeremy, I've seen enough fish pictures from Strawberry on Utah Water Log to know that I want to fish it some day. Nice post.

  3. Hey, Jeremy, great trip and some beautiful fish. Thanks for sharing. I fished out of my float tube one day on Strawberry many years ago. I do recall the wind being quite the problem and the fishing nothing like you experienced.