Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day Beauty

My darling bride and I decided we’d take Labor Day and focus our labor on a hike.  We chose to tackle the Blue Lakes in the San Juan mountain range here in western Colorado.  Ever since I’ve heard word of finicky cutthroats, I’ve had my eye on these three lakes.

The scenery of the hike is absolutely breathtaking.  However, it is fairly strenuous.   I hike fairly often to secluded fishing spots, but those are rarely over 2 miles…and hardly ever uphill the entire time.  This hike tuckered me out.

It’s 3.5 miles to the lower lake, and the elevation is high. The lakes hover around 11,000 feet and up. 

Finally we made it.

The color of the water is mesmerizingly pretty.  Deep hues of blue contrasted with the vibrant green of the hillside.  Beautiful…

And…the fish truly are finicky, but to be fair we didn’t put a ton of effort into it.  I didn’t even bring a quarter of what I usually do on my angling adventures. 

A lone cutthroat was my catch of the day.  He wasn’t large, but was healthy and vibrant.  Honestly though...what a pleasure to catch fish in such a beautiful setting.  What a splendid world we live in.

It turned out to be an amazing day with my wonderful wife.

I love hiking to the top floor of the world, where the clouds seem within arm's length.  It has a sense of putting life into small of a piece in the puzzle of life we are.  

An experience that puts awe into us...truly something worthy of the word awesome.

 Life is it well


  1. What a splendid world we live in indeed. Great post, beautiful fish and scenery and you spent it with someone you love. Sounds like an amazing day.

  2. What beautiful photographs. That almost sounds like a trip of a lifetime!

  3. I agree with Howard! Sure does sound like a great trip. At Howard and my age, we have to marvel at those able to hike into the high country and enjoy what beauty Colorado has to offer. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Those are some sick pictures! Great post