Monday, July 22, 2013


Montrose, Colorado is a pretty nifty place for an angler to live.  Day trips can easily be taken to some of Colorado’s premier fishing holes.  The major draws to the area include the Gunnison, Blue Mesa, the Grand Mesa, and PaCoChuPuk to name a few.

The Cimarron is a tributary of the Gunnison.  Thus, it is often overlooked by a lot of anglers.  It can be a tough river to fish.  There are not a lot of established trails and bushwhacking is usually required.  I found myself on Saturday seeking solitude on the Big Cimarron, and I found it.  I was the only one on the river.  

The water was a bit discolored, but the jigs found fish eventually.

Nothing big today, but the fight was good.

It felt good to get away from the crowds.   This really is a beautiful area.

In the past, I’ve caught bows, cutts, and brookies out of this stretch.  The rainbows were more than willing to play. Black seemed to be the go to color for jigs…but heck I even pulled out the long rod and got in on some dry fly action.

This stretch of river is full of MASSIVE boulders.  The holes created are hard to get to and very, very deep.  Runoff has developed many log jams as well…a fisherman’s playground.

Plenty of fish in the river too. :D

I was fortunate enough to weed through enough bows to find this guy.

I’m such a sucker for brook trout.  It was a skinny little thing though.

All fished were released in good health.  This was my last fish of the day.  He was caught out of the first hole I started the day from.  Sometimes it’s good to backtrack.  Deep colors on this guy.

Good day on a quiet river.

Life is short.  Live it well.


  1. Sure loved this post. This is a part of Colorado I have never visited. Someday, I hope that changes. Beautiful fish. Great camera work!

  2. Jeremy, my gosh what a great post! Nice job on the report buddy. Keep them coming.

  3. Amazing pictures of an outstanding looking place! I will have to visit that state one day! Great job on the fish too!