Monday, June 3, 2013

I get by with a little help from my friends....

Sometimes you just need a little fish to hold you over.  I feel like most of my recent fishing has been hold over trips.  Still waiting for some of my lakes to become accessible.  In the meantime I had the river to keep me company.  Marabou boys and girls...all day.  

Bring the pics :)

This guy's nose was so worn down.  

Saw a local pond and wondered what I'd find casting a jig.  Lot's and lot's of these guys :)  Pretty colors...

Aggressive runts

Some small...

Others big...

...and one chubby bullhead to round out the mix.  First for me on a jig though :)

Life is short, live it well 


  1. With friends like that, I would cater to them as much as I could. Blogging is a way to share friendships, but fishing and catching fish, always will trump that. Nice job!

  2. Nice job and way to get out during "that" time of year.

  3. Sweet! Nice mash-up of species too!