Monday, May 13, 2013

I Reeked of Skunk

I have been fishing these past few weeks, but I haven't been catching much.  I started to get the feeling I was in a slump.

Being new to western Colorado, I'm sort of fishing blind.  I use the internet and people around as resources, but there is a lot of exploring on my part.  These past couple weeks I've been met by snow, rain, impassable roads, iced up lakes, and just a good old fashioned skunking.

I finally found myself at Ridgway Reservoir.  I was hoping to find the browns and splake, but by the end of the trip I was hoping for anything.

Pretty skies though

After much effort, this monster planter finally came to hand.

Needless to say, that didn't even begin to wet my appetite.  I bagged the reservoir and set my sights on the Uncompahgre river.  I know a land owner that said he'd let me fish his property so away I went.

This wasn't a very big section of river, but it did bring me my first decent fish.

Soon I found another.  This time it was a pretty chunky Cutty.

I fished entire length of property without another fish.  My appetite for chunky fish was growing.  I set my wheels back to Pa-co-chu-puk.  Thank the good Lord I did, I sure needed to catch some fish :)

The marabou was my best friend again. 1/16oz head in black all night long.  Enough talking though, let's all just look at the pics right?

This guy seemed thicker towards the back than the front.  Shaped like  paddle :)

All in all, it turned out to be the exact evening I needed to wash the smell of skunk off of me.  Here's hoping the slump has passed!  

Life is short friends, live it well...


  1. Hello, Jeremy! Let me start this comment with a question, "Where have I been"? Somehow, I am late finding your new blog. Just came by from Howard's blog at Windknots and Tangled Lines. Really like what I see here and will be back often to read and comment.

    BTW, see that you have a link to my now "retired blog" Rainbow Chaser. Appreciate it, however, would you consider adding my new blog and link address. Just started a couple of weeks ago on this new blog. Will be adding your link to my Blogroll!

  2. Consider it done sir! Thanks for the kind words!!

  3. Way to pull out a nice trip from Pa-co-chu-puk. That place seems to treat you pretty well.

    That cuttie with tight specks and red fins is a dream. Great looking fish.